Online Predators

Staying Safe Online

USA Today: Children less likely to encounter online predators

AP/CNN: Online sexual solicitations down

Drinking and Adolescent Brains

AMA: Alcohol Damages Teens Brains

Binge Drinking and Teen Brains

Duke University Studies: Alcohol Hits Teen Brains Hard

In the Event of An Actual Emergency: Acute Alcohol Poisoning

Date Rape Drugs:

Facts on Rohypnol

NIMH Facts on Date Rape Drugs

Cool Nurse (Medical Facts for Teens)

GHB Facts

A DOUBLE TAKE READER NOTES: I was reading your article regarding date-rape drugs and was anticipation your comments regarding GHB.  As I suspected, you did mention it, but said that it was odorless.  GHB has a very distinct odor and taste, and if it is ever in a drink, it makes the drink taste bad.  I keep reading articles or hearing about GHB on TV, and everyone always describes it as colorless and odorless.  I'm not sure where the ultimate source of this misinformation is, but it definitely has odor.  When I was working as a doorman at a bar in Denver I could smell the GHB, every once in a while I would catch someone with it.
I hope you don't take these comments as a support of the drug or the fact that people get raped.  I just find it hard that people do end up being raped, especially being slipped GHB.  A good piece of advice that I give anyone is don't leave your drink unattended, especially with a stranger.  Take your drink with you or finish it before getting up, that way you provide less chance of a contaminated drink.

Teens and Cutting: Online Links and Resources:

Focus Adolescent Services

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

Discover Health: Cutting as the new anorexia

Teens Health

Kids and Antidepressants: Get the Facts

FDA Advisory on Antidepressant Use in Children, Adolescents, and Adults

FDA Safeguards for Children Taking Antidepressants Strengthened

FDA Advisory on Frequency of Visits for Medication Management in Adolescents

What United Behavioral Health Says About Patient Monitoring (Of special interest to Conventry and other UBH Insured).

November Statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, with Excellent Links to Related Materials (notes research supporting medication and therapy in combination as effective).

An Excellent and Thoughtful Article Published in the Harvard Crimson (Dr. Glenmullen's University) on this Topic by Hersh Sagreiya

Another Good Article in the Harvard Mental Health News Letter (December, 2003). Note References.

Dr. Joseph Biederman, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Takes a Different Stand on Antidepressants (note research offered here).

Harvard (McClean's Hospital) Study Finds Improvement in Adolescent Brains after Use of An Antidepressant.

Recent Study in the Journal of the American Medical Association from Duke University on Prozac Plus Therapy for Teens.

University of Iowa Children's Virtual Hospital Supports Therapy and Medication

Mondimore's Book on Adolescent Depression

Koplewicz's Book on Adolescent Depression

Empfield's Book on Adolescent Depression