The Family Therapy Institute is a private corporation that depends solely upon fees and training revenue to continue our services. As discussed below, we directly bill most insurance companies. We also accept Visa and MasterCard.At intake all clients must select one of three payment options:

A) Full payment of all copay/deductable due at time of service.
B) Credit card deduction for ful copay/deductable on a regular date each month.
C) Payment plan by credit card or checking account deduction on a regular date each month.

Payment plans are fully explained below under the section "FINANCING." Beginning in 2009 FTI Midwest is moving to eliminate all monthly billing. We will provide your with an account statement upon request however.


FTI Midwest directly bills most insurance plans. Below is a list of insurance carriers for which FTI therapists are providers. Not all therapists are providers for every carrier, but this chart shows the most recent listings for each therapist by insurance company. Many times FTI can contact other insurance companies and either obtain out-of-network benefits or apply to their provider panel. If you have a different company than those listed, contact our office and we will attempt to determine our ability to bill your plan. All costs not paid by insurance must be paid by the client, so it is very important to work with FTI and your insurance company to determine eligibility before beginning treatment.

It is extemely important to know that FTI Midwest DOES NOT take Medicare nor are there any plans in the future to do so. Sometimes clients with regular insurance plans also have Medicare as a secondary payor. Medicare does not allow us to collect copays without billing Medicare first -- and since we are not a Medicare provider there is no chance we will be reimbursed. We have found that Medicare is the most costly carrier to bill and thus we have opted out of serving Medicare beneficiaries. Thus, we cannot at this time accept any clients with Medicare benefits even if they agree to pay copays and deductables in full.

Do to high risk of recoupment and cost of billing, we do not take Medicaid any more.


FTI Midwest is committed to helping make therapy and psychological services accessible and affordable. Thus, FTI Midwest offers INTEREST FREE FINANCING on copayments and deductables for eligible consumers.

To take advantage of the payment plan option you must sign up for either credit card or checking account deductions. Forms are available at intake for both. You must agree to a reasonable deduction each month depending upon copay, and estimated number of sessions per month, with a minimum payment of $25.

Our goal at FTI Midwest is to keep our services affordable even in difficult economic times.