Rachel Hill, APRN FNP-BC   is a family nurse practitioner, who specializes in holistic and integrative medicine.  She is the CEO of Metamorphosis Holistic & Integrative Therapies, offering holistic coaching and other holistic modalities to help alleviate pain, stress, and promote wellness.  She currently provides a special line of specially formulated massage and aromatherapy blends for hospices and dementia care units, as part of her business.  Rachel also works with hospice providing Reiki, healing touch, hypnotherapy, and other holistic modalities.  She has 18 years in holistic and integrative therapies, and 25 years in the Nursing/healthcare profession.

Rachel is a network leader for the AHNA (American Holistic Nurses Association), which is responsible for bring health care professionals together who have a common interest in providing and integrating complementary medicine into the mainstream.  Rachel practices and is a certified Nursing Coach through American Holistic Nurse Credentialing Center (AHNCC). She also has achieved a certification for being an Advanced Practice Board Certified Holistic Nurse Practitioner from the AHNCC, also.  She is a published author and has written a book for Nurses on Self-Care entitled, “Nursing from the Inside-Out”.

Rachel Y. Hill has given numerous presentations at corporations, and also presented for Professional Continuing Education, MONA, Catholic Charities Hospice, AHNA, Communiversity, Mental Health Association, and Urban League of Greater Kansas City on the topic of various holistic modalities and stress relief, and works diligently to bridge the gap in the health care community regarding the benefits of complementary therapy in the health care setting.  Rachel is currently in a Doctoral Student, attaining a second Master’s as a Psychiatric NP program, with plans to do extensive research in aromatherapy and plant medicine as it impacts health, end of life transition, wellness, substance abuse, and other states of physical disharmony.

Samantha Marston, T-LMLP, received her Master of Science degree in Psychology (clinical emphasis) from Pittsburg State University in 2017. She has worked with individual clients, couples, and groups on a variety of clinical issues in both inpatient and outpatient settings, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, and trauma. She has training in psychological assessment and primarily uses cognitive and behavioral approaches, but enjoys exploring which approach and techniques suit each client best. Samantha believes that people were not meant to struggle through life’s challenges alone and has a passion for creating a safe place for individuals to overcome those challenges without judgment.

Greg Tangari, LSCSW DCSW is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare, with nearly 25 years of experience in the field, focusing extensively on therapy with children, families, and couples. He is a diplomate of clinical social work (DCSW), the highest earned certification available to social workers. He specializes in working with adolescents and younger children, as well as divorce therapy, custody, and foster care. He has published in a nationally recognized journal and presented on topics of family therapy, ethics and supervision both locally and nationally. He is past president of the Kansas Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, and is vested in improving the access of Kansans to mental health and social work services.

Brenda Patzel, PhD APRN has a doctorate degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Nursing, a Masters Degree and a Post Masters Certificate as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner from the University of Kansas.  She is Board Certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner as well as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric Mental Health by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She has over 20 years of experience in a variety of mental health settings. As an advanced practice registered nurse, she completes assessments and diagnoses of adults as well as prescribing psychiatric medication under protocol with her collaborating psychiatrist. Her practice includes both individual therapy as well as pharmacological therapy.

Becky Cheek-King, LCP,   has been working in the mental health field for 23 years. She graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University before obtaining her Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tulsa. She has gained experience treating a large variety of clinical issues while working at community mental health centers, including The Bert Nash Center in Lawrence.  Becky understands the challenges many families face today.  She is familiar with the resources available for children and families in Lawrence.  Becky builds rapport quickly and children feel both supported and understood while making progress towards positive changes. Becky is comfortable treating children, adolescents, and adults. She enjoys the challenges of helping individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and sexual abuse. Her skills include working on family issues and helping parents improve their home lives.  A resident for more than 25 years, Becky is very invested in the Lawrence community, having served on the boards of child-focused agencies in town. Becky graduated Leadership Lawrence in 2009 and has given talks on ethics for professionals and on effective communication with schools for parents.

Lesa West, LMFT received her master's degree in family therapy in 2003 and has worked with families and young children in home, school, and agency settings. Certified as a parent educator and member of the Kansas Association of Infant Mental Health, she is engaged in ongoing specialized training in infant mental health.

Lesa's area of emphasis is infant mental health with the focus of treatment on the following:
Helping families with young children address healthy attachment
Reducing chronic stress in the family system
Promotion of positive social and  emotional development
Ensuring babies and young children are meeting milestones across all developmental domains

Lesa is a home-based therapist providing services to all families, including those enrolled in KanCare. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please contact her at 785-766-7183 or lesaannwest@gmail.com

Family Therapy Institute Midwest

Mark Smith, MA LCPC CCSAS  received a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. Mark uses motivational strategies, cognitive and cognitive-behavioral tools, group work, and spiritual development to help clients rewrite the story of their lives and redefine themselves as an individual and as responsible members of their family and society. As a Certified Clinical Sexual Addiction Specialist, Mark specializes in helping individuals and couples overcome the destructive outcomes of sexual compulsion and sexually addictive patterns of behavior. He is trained in the MultiModal Partner Trauma Model and incorporates this partner sensitive approach into sex addiction recovery treatment for individual, couple and group therapy. Additionally, Mark has extensive training in cognitive-behavioral therapy plus multiple hours of training in motivational strategies, both proven methods for treating various mood disorders, psychological issues, and relationship difficulties. Mark is also a Counselor/Trainer for the Prepare-Enrich PreMarital-Marriage Program and is recognized in Ohio as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.

David Barnum, PHD is a licensed psychologist. He specializes in the therapy of younger children, couples and families as well as psychological evaluation. Dr. Barnum has 10 years of experience in this field (5 at the post-doctoral level) and is especially skilled at working with teenage boys on behavioral, psychological, emotional, and scholastic issues. His other specialty is working with young children in family and individual play therapy. He is so popular with his clients that he frequently receives personal referrals, making his schedule a bit challenging at times. He is also a highly regarded supervisor of psychologists and a popular therapist. His warm, honest, interpersonal style makes it easier for clients to become comfortable, even if this is their first time working with a therapist. He has published and presented on several topics.

Mary Lu Egidy (ee-ghee'-dee), MSN APRN BC has a master’s degree from the KU School of Nursing. She is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Adult Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing (American Nurses Credentialing Center). She has 20 years of experience in a variety of mental health settings and is skilled in providing evaluations of behavioral and mental health. As a advanced registered nurse practitioner, Ms. Egidy may write prescriptions for psychiatric medication under protocol with her supervising psychiatrist.  She has recently attended training on the treatment of ADHD and bipolar disorder in children and teens and is especially adept at the pharmacology of these disorders. She is one of FTI Midwest's greatest assets, in that she allows us to carefully integrate treatment with medication management. She is extremely popular with her clients because she makes a good connection and spends the time necessary to understand their concerns.